Company Soul, Values and Culture

  • We are focused on our clients’ long-term goals and vision for the future. To guarantee that, all of our engagements start with an alignment phase. During the alignment phase, we spend time with our client to define the problem and the proper application of technology to solve it, and where it fits in the strategic vision of the company going forward. The time spent during the alignment phase may or may not be billable. We want our client to feel that we are a partner and that our success is mutual. The proper solution starts with a clear understanding of our client's environment and long-term vision of our client's set goals.

  • We realize the challenges of the software industry and strive to be productive and efficient. Studies have shown that the best programmers can be 10 times more productive than the average programmers1. We understand that and have established methodology for developing, managing, and delivering work to our clients. Our methodology includes rigid standards for coding and commenting the software we write. This allows programmers of different skill levels to perform different functions and improves productivity.

  • The company is based on the cooperation of self-motivated consultants who have proven credentials and experience. Each consultant can work independently or cooperatively to deliver quality solutions to our clients. By carefully planning and documenting each phase of the project, our consultant is continuously looking for early warning signs. Project milestones are established and the client is heavily involved in each step of the way, from discovery to successful delivery. Active client participation is crucial to verify functional requirements are correctly implemented, start change request procedures appropriately, and review budget to make sure the project is on track. By forcing active client participation, this model has the effect of empowering our clients and consultants alike. This network of knowledge workers eliminates the big overhead incurred by traditional consulting companies. Careful planning and client participation is paramount in this model.

  • We value Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management is the discipline of enabling individuals in an organization to collectively create, share and apply knowledge to achieve business objectives.

  • In the end, the location of the new economy is not in the technology, be it the microchip or the global telecommunications network. It is in the human mind2.

  • We value Knowledge Transfer. We have developed reputation in mentoring our clients' developers. In most of our engagements, we develop a solution for your business, and provide a transitional period during which we will train your support team and users on the day-to-day functions of the system. Using well-known industry coding standards and clearly commented code, the transition period is usually a good time for knowledge transfer.

  • We guarantee to deliver value to our clients. Value measured by cost savings and increased productivity. Sigma Solutions is about providing value through partnership with both our clients and consultants; this is our culture and we are proud of it!

  • 1Avron Barr
    2Alan Webber

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